Dignity, Service, Graciousness & Conviviality – Since 1927

Greetings from Our National President!

Welcome to The Girl Friends, Inc. Website! 

What does it mean to be a Girl Friend? Eunice Shreeves, our founder, said it best, “It means being surrounded by warmth, loyalty, happy thoughts, pleasant memories, and the rarest of life’s offerings–True Friendship.” 

Margaret Gaines Clark – National President of The Girl Friends, Inc.

Founded in Harlem in 1927 and under the legal guidance Mr. Thurgood Marshall, our organization incorporated on September 23, 1938. The Girl Friends®, Incorporated has grown into one of the most influential and highly respected national organizations of African American women in the United States. Our success is measured by the strength of the numerous friendships formed through our 48 chapters and over 1,800 members over the past 90 years. Each time we meet is an opportunity to renew and reaffirm our sisterly bond as our visionary founding members intended.  

Armed with values of friendship, leadership and community service, we have grown into a network of women whose collective social, spiritual, economic and professional contributions have left an indelible impact on our local communities. 

Although, the original concept of The Girl Friends®, Incorporated was social, The Girl Friends®, Incorporated has expanded its purpose to include charitable and cultural activities. National contributions have been made to major organizations and charities such as The Flint Water Crisis, Children’s Defense Fund, United Negro College Fund, Martin Luther King Memorial Foundation, Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, and Girl Friend Fund Scholarship Program just to name a few. 

I’m also proud of the individual accomplishments of our Girl Friends. Our members have founded schools and earned all manners of academic and professional degrees. They also are book authors, business owners’ corporate executives, judges, former US Congresswomen and served in cabinets of past US Presidents. 

As we plan for the future, I look forward to continuing to build strong friendships and standing on the commitment of positively impacting our communities.  


Margaret Gaines Clark
National President
The Girl Friends®, Incorporated