Dignity, Service, Graciousness & Conviviality – Since 1927

Greetings from Our National President!

Girl Friends!

Welcome to The Girl Friends Inc. Website! As we enter our 97th year, we bear witness that our bonds of friendship have only grown stronger. Our values of dignity, service, graciousness, and conviviality have continued to be reimagined as our circle of friendship has flourished to more than 1,900 members in 48 chapters representing 25 states and the District of Columbia.

Beth Espy
National President of The Girl Friends, Inc.

We continue to celebrate our founder, Girl Friend Eunice Shreeves. A product of the Harlem Renaissance, she assembled her college-bound friends to start an extraordinary organization built on friendship in 1927. Girl Friend Eunice understood over the next few years she and her friends would grow through their new experiences, but they would remain close through the bond of friendship.

Her vision has been a testament to the exponential growth of Girl Friends over the last 97 years: incorporated in 1938, held 89 Conclaves, and elected 39 presidents.

We have consistently proven our sustainability through our diverse membership and four generations of dynamic women.  Our members are innovative, inspirational, intelligent and uncommon. We are entrepreneurs, CEOs, elected officials, and professors – all leaders in our own regard.

The Girl Friends, Inc. was conceived as a social organization and, though we love to revel with one another, we have expanded our reach to civic engagement and community service. Together, we strive to make a mark and a difference in our communities. 

It is an incredible honor to serve as the 39th National President, and I am excited to start this countdown to 100 years with my Girl Friends! Our future is brilliant and bright, and we will continue to ignite!


Girl Friend Beth Espy
39th National President
The Girl Friends®, Incorporated