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2021 Pre-Conclave Kick Off Celebration

2021 Conclave Business Meeting Video

2021 Conclave Morgan Stanley Women in Wealth

The Girl Friends Inc. & Own Network

2021 Conclave Memorial Service Video

2020 Conclave Business Meeting Video

85th Conclave Minutes

Download the Conclave Minutes here (PDF).

2020 Memorial Service

GF Conclave Planning Resources

501c(4) Status

Assessment Model

Budget Planning Worksheet with Assessment Model

Budget Worksheet in Excel

Capabilities of Conference Management

Capabilities Presentation Balboa Meeting & Event Solution

CVent Capabilities

Hotel Rooms Needed based on Registration

Hotel Site Inspection Checklist

List of Negotiable Hotel Concessions

Post Conclave Questionnaire

Q&A Conclave Workshop

Sample Budgets for Conclave

Sample Invoice

Sample Solicitation Letter (PDF)

Sample Solicitation Letter (Word)