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About Our Chapter

Founded: November 25, 1972.
Sponsored by the Trenton Chapter.

Charter Members

JoAnn Adams, Mary Ellen Anderson, Anita Lyons Bond, June Gordon Dugas*, Leatrice Stockman Flanigan*, Rosemary Fitts Funderburg*, Adrienne Lyman Glore*, Annetta, Henderson Hilliard*, Gloria Feaster Hurt*, Rubye Ann Johnson*, Marion Gordon Miller*, Ellene Bentley Nash*, Dorothy Kirk Quigless*, Billie Jean Coleman Randolph, Lillian Dunnings Reed*, Mary Young Riley Douglas*, Georgia Tallier Rusan*, Katie Waters Venable*, Ruth Gandy Washington*, Margaret Bush Wilson*, Hildred Mathieu Word*, and Carol Nelson Williams*.

Key Civic Projects

Contributions to CHIPS, a free health clinic for inner-city residents, hosting receptions for entities such as the African Studies Association Meeting, and contributing to Africare.

Important Fact

The St. Louis chapter pushed for recognition and commemoration of the landmark Shelley vs. Kramer case, which ended restrictive housing covenants based on race (in the sale and rental of housing). The chapter’s hard work led to the Shelley home being designated as a historic landmark in 1988.

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