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About Our Chapter

Founded: November 1948.
Sponsored by the Richmond and Newport News Chapters.

Charter Members

Georgia C. Brown, First President, Roberta S. Cassell, Ann W Coleman, Dorothy W. Jones, Malena B. Law, Julia A. Law, Sadye V. Lawson, Alyce S. Moore, Letitia M. Penn, Elizabeth Pawley, Laverne C. Fuller, and Evelyn B. Skipper.

Key Civic Projects

The Roanoke Girl Friends Scholarship in support of minority students, one of the top contributing chapters to The Girl Friends Fund, Melrose Towers Civic Project (Food and Supply Drive for Seniors), Bethany Hall Civic Project (Women’s Shelter), Lucy Addison Middle School (School Supply Drive), the Roanoke Rescue Mission and Renaissance Academy, the Harrison Museum of African-American Culture, Life Members of the NAACP.

Important Fact

Throughout our 70+ years of membership, our chain of friendship has been lengthened and strengthened by the addition of more than 60 Girl Friends who have shared fun-loving activities and memories over the years.

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