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Potomac Chapter

About Our Chapter

Founded: November 16, 1985

Charter Members

Nesta Bernard, Irene Carter, Joyce Chandler, Sandra Days, Jeanette Edmead, Dorothy Gaither, Anita Hall, Deanna Horton, Casma Huie, Carol Iglesias, Alexine Jackson, Shirley Jones, Eveline Lloyd, Carmel Norcom, Doris Payne, Dorothea Saunders, Jackie Threadgill, Ceci.le Tolliver, Marita Turner, Barbara Ward and Alease Williams.

Key Civic Projects

Active regular contributors to the Girl Friend Fund, donations throughout the year to needy families or charities suggested by members. In 2010, the Potomac Chapter was awarded a plaque from the MLK Foundation for its financial contribution to the building fund for the MLK Memorial on the Mall in Washington, D.C.

Important Fact

Remaining true to our fundamental tenant to foster friendship, the Potomac Girl Friends look forward to enjoying the time spent with each other. We continue to share good times and sad times while supporting our community and promoting cultural pride.

Potomac Girl Friends

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