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GF Audrey, GF Vel (Founder) & GF Nancy

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Girl Friend Vel Phillips* Founder

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GF Audrey George & GF Legacy's

About Our Chapter

Founded: October 14, 1995.
Sponsored by the Toledo Chapter.

Charter Members

Noel Westbrooks Dale*, Elvira Turner Dicks*, Audrey Chevalier George, Josephine Hill Greene*, Emaree Greenwood Parks*, Vel Rodgers Philips*, Nancy Arnett Sergile*, Sandra Noel Smith*, Frances Brock Starms*, O. Ruth Tucker*, Gretel Cobb Webster, and Carolyn Lemon Wilson*.

Key Civic Projects

Repairers of the Breach based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Important Fact

On October 3, 2020, Milwaukee Chapter will celebrate our 25th anniversary.

Milwaukee Girl Friends

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