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Loudoun County

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About Our Chapter

Founded: November 3, 2012.
Sponsored by the Albany Chapter.

Charter Members

Hazel Bristow, Danielle Brown, Doris Brown, Janice Bryan, Angela Butler, Francine Cole, Brenda Cole-Alston, Linda Coleman, Sandy Cooper, Bernadette Curtis- Lambert, Cynthia Dowdy, Harriette Ecton, Nicole Fulgham, Elayne Gomes-Battle, Michele Greene, Elizabeth Hodges, Gena Hudgins-Ashe, Singleton McAllister, Pamela White, Loren Wilder and Boyce Williams.

Key Civic Projects

Women Giving Back, Barbara and Paul Zuber Scholarship Fund, Loudoun Abused Women’s Shelter.

Important Fact

In 2012, Loudoun County became the 46th chapter of Girl Friends, under the sponsorship of the Albany Chapter, which had also sponsored the 45th chapter- Seattle- in 2006, six years earlier.

Loudoun County Girl Friends

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