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Houston Chapter

Houston Chapter

Houston Chapter - Induction

About Our Chapter

Founded: November 16, 1974.
Sponsored by the Cincinnati Chapter.

Charter Members

Judith Craven, Helen Crawford, Ellena Stone Huckaby, Betty Lockhart, Gabrielle McDonald, Virginia Speller, Polly Turner, Bernice Bacon, Iris Carl, Elizabeth Hicks, Edith Jones, Dorothy Lombard, Mildred Lord, Johnnye Petersen, and Carolyn Wells.

Key Civic Projects

Books Between Kids, Begin with a book (books donated to Attucks Middle School library), Star of Hope (homeless clothing donations).

Important Fact

The Houston Chapter began as a social club called “The Pivots of Houston” which was organized in January 1972 before formally being installed on November 16, 1974 under the sponsorship of the Cincinnati Chapter.

Houston Girl Friends

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