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Durham Chapter

Durham Chapter

Durham Chapter

About Our Chapter

Founded: September 30, 1972.

Charter Members

Thelma Y. Bass, Alma W. Bennett, Adele B. Butts, Carolyn Collins, Margaret Falkener, Elizabeth H. Frasier, Barbara Halfacre, Julia H. Henderson, Carolyn D. Johnson, Alice C. Kennedy, Barbara W. Lewis, Willa W. Lewis, Constance T. Pattillo, Patsy B. Perry, Jessie P. Taylor, Marion H. Thorne, Winnie T. Robinson, Hattie S. Scarborough, Geneva T. Stanback, Nellouise Watkins, Josephine H. White, and Eugenia M. Younge.

Key Civic Projects

Book Happenings: In honor of Thelma Bass, the Durham Chapter of Girlfriends donate over 160 new books to the entire second grade class of a school that is in a lower social and economic school in the Durham public school system.

Important Fact

During the spring of 1962, Thelma Y. Bass and Geneva while sitting in Thelma’s back yard, not over a pot of stew, but watching their boys swim decided to round up some of their close friends with whom they shared many joys and sorrows through the years and started a club. An organizational meeting was held at Genevas on May 30, 1963; and so the FANS were born using as a motto: Friends Always Near Sharing.

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