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Birmingham Chapter

Birmingham Chapter

Birmingham Chapter

Birmingham Chapter

Birmingham Chapter

About Our Chapter

Founded: September 23, 2000.

Charter Members

Brenda Manning Adams, Carmelita James Bivens, Evelyn Norcom Burton, Diana Toney Chambliss, Renia Rush Dotson, Hedy Young Edwards, Cathy Kennedy Floyd, Terri Howard Gardner, Dixie Gardner Harris*, J. Michelle James, Jothany Williams James, Tamara Harris Johnson, Stacy Haynes-Nelson, Cynthia Ransburg-Brown, Carole Baltimore Rose, Sharon Ann Spencer, Desiree Welborn Wayne, and Iris Etienne Williams.

Key Civic Projects

COVID-19 Donation to the Dannon Project, Food & Gas Gift Card Donations to the Dannon Project, Preventing Heart Disease & Skin Cancer Workshop, Career Readiness: Dress for Success Neckties and Scarfs Drive, Remember to Vote Chat, Heart Healthy Awareness Workshop, The Giving Project- toiletries gift boxes dontation, Turtle Neck Tea – gift wrapped turtle necks donated to Pathways homeless shelter for women and children, Decorated Binder of Gift Cards donated to The Dannon Project, Warm Winter Coat Drive.

Important Fact

The Birmingham Chapter celebrates all of our members at every meeting.

Birmingham Girl Friends

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